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Headphones and Bluetooth speaker at the same time for 400 dollars: this is the revolutionary Human Headphones

Bluetooth headphones are here to stay. Not only because most top-of-the-range phones have chosen to do without the headphone jack such as the new Samsung Galaxy Note10, if not above all for the comfort when using them.

Although there are still compelling reasons to buy wired headphones, many companies are betting on launching this type of wireless devices on the market, even those not related to technology such as Louis Vuitton or Playboy itself. Today we present you some truly revolutionary new bluetooth headphones and is that in addition to being able to wear them on the ear, they are at the same time a complete speaker.

Human Headphones: headphones and bluetooth speaker at the same time for 400 dollars

Human Headphones

Human Headphones are not your typical wireless headphones or so their developers say. According to the way in which they have been presented on their website, the main feature of these headphones is the possibility of turning them into a powerful bluetooth speaker in an easy and simple way.

To do this, we just have to put one half together and we will go from having comfortable headphones to a perfect speaker to share our favorite music with our friends and / or family, all without losing a bit of quality. Besides this, Human Headphones also feature touch controls to answer phone calls, skip songs, or turn the volume up and down. As for the battery life, it is said that it can reach up to 9 hours of continuous use.

Speaking of the price, Human Headphones can be purchased at a price of $ 400. At first glance it is a high price if we compare it with that of the most popular headphones of the moment, Apple’s AirPods, although the fact of being able to become a powerful Bluetooth speaker is a point to take into account for those looking for a 2 x 1 quality. As we always say, a matter of taste.