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HaxSync allows you to synchronize your contacts with Facebook in ICS

One of the things that most caught my attention in Ice cream sandwich was the Contacts app. It really has undergone a remarkable change and, in my opinion, quite necessary. Has been completely renovated offering a really attractive interface and design. In addition, it incorporates what almost all manufacturers included in their customization layers: synchronization with our beloved social networks.

However, after my first week of use, I realized that I had the contacts synchronized with Twitter, with WhatsApp and of course with Google +, but no sign of synchronization with Facebook. I accessed the settings of my Galaxy Nexus, in its section of Accounts and sync, and more specifically click on: “Add Account”. The options were automatically displayed. I chose Facebook and… Oh! Surprise! Absolutely nothing happened. I do not know if it is that the Facebook application itself is not optimized for Ice Cream yet, or a simple Google error that will be corrected in future updates. The point is, I haven't had a choice until now. Welcome HaxSync.

Hax Sync This thorn is coming to get us out of our Nexus. For symbolic eurillo we can have all our contacts synchronized with Facebook. In fact, the application is only compatible with Ice Cream Sandwich. The installation process is really simple:

– If you don't have the official facebook app, download it.

– Download and install HaxSync.

– Enter Settings and click on “Accounts and sync”.

– Add account and choose HaxSync.

Authorize HaxSync

Allow access from Facebook and voila.

You know, there is no excuse for not being up to date with your social circles! Oops … that thing about circles … I'm more and more hooked on Google+!