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Guide to chat on WhatsApp: tips and tricks to send messages like an expert

Last updated on 05/21/2019 at 09:21

More than 1,500 million monthly active users (according to the latest official figures) endorse the success of WhatsApp all over the world.

In fact, it is very likely that you have also recently used the application to communicate with other people.

If so, don’t forget to follow the good practices necessary to have a more secure account.

Chatting on WhatsApp is something we all know how to do, but not at the same level. The app has many unknown functions that you must discover in order to take advantage of them 100%.

Don’t worry, because you can do it next thanks to the best tutorials to chat on WhatsApp being a professional.

Guide to be an expert in chatting on WhatsApp

How to send messages with Google Assistant

The Google assistant can give you a hand when sending messages on WhatsApp without touching the screen using two different methods.

The first one requires you to open Assistant and say “Send a WhatsApp message to ”To pass on to transmit the message you want to send.

After telling the assistant the message, they will ask you to confirm your shipment or modify it if it is wrong, to be able to send it later.

Once the process is confirmed, Assistant will inform you about the text that the message contained and the contact to which it was sent.

The second method is somewhat easier, since you have to use fewer voice commands to get the assistant to work.

Say _ ”Ok Google” followed by “Send WhatsApp message to “Next to the message you want to send.

Afterwards, you will only have to confirm the shipment or modify it until it is perfect for subsequent shipment.

Send WhatsApp messages with Google Assistant

How to reply to WhatsApp

WhatsApp does not yet have an internal function that allows you to self-reply to messages, but you can use the WhatsAuto app.

Available in the Google Play Store, this tool has a configuration for choose which contacts you want to send automatic responses to, it offers you predefined responses, what kind of messages do you want to reply to, etc.

To self-reply to messages on WhatsApp, the first thing you should do is grant the necessary permissions to WhatsAuto and enter the “Home” tab to activate the “Automatic reply”.

Later, you can choose the message to send from the “Automatic reply text” option and finish the process by selecting who you want to send those automatic replies from “Contacts”.

How to send a message to someone without adding them as a contact

There are several ways to send a message to someone you don’t have added as a contact.

The first one is to open the web browser and open the address number (“Phone number” should be replaced by the number of the person you want to contact).

That’s it, you just have to enter that link and start the conversation.

The second method requires downloading external apps such as “Click to chat”. When installing the application, all you have to do is enter the phone number you want to send a message to, without having to grant it permissions or endure annoying ads.

Click to chat

Lastly, you have to enter the phone number in any text field and select it so that the mobile will offer us different options.

Click on the three points to find the WhatsApp icon and click on it to open the conversation without having to add the number to your contacts.

Unfortunately, it seems that this method only works for the Google Pixel and Android One phones.

How to bold, italicize or strike out words on WhatsApp

For some time, WhatsApp has allowed you to modify the appearance of words through different writing styles. One of them is italics, an option that you can use with two different methods.

On the one hand there is the code of the app itself, with which you only have to enter text between underscores (_) so that it appears in italics.


On the other hand, you can also use Android’s text selection. To do this, write the text of the message in the WhatsApp text drawer, select the word or phrase you want to change and, In the options menu that will be displayed, select “Italic” to modify the style.


The process for striking through and bold is similar, only the last step of the process changes. To cross out in WhatsApp with the code, enter text between curved dashes (~).

To do it with the Android keyboard, select the text you want to change and choose the option “Strikethrough”.

cross out-whatsapp

In the case of wanting to put the bold in WhatsApp with code, you must enter the text between asterisks

. On the other hand, with Android text selection,you must select the text with a long press and click on “Bold” in the options menu that will open


Both by WhatsApp code and by Android keyboard, adding italics, strikethrough or bold to your conversations is a very simple process.

Bold on WhatsApp

How to write text with bubbles in WhatsApp

If italics, strikethrough, or bold aren’t enough for you, it’s time to discover that you can also reformat the text to put it with bubbles. You just have to enterthe “Bubble” section of the SpiderArmy website , enter the text you want to send and convert it to bubbles, copy it to the clipboard and paste it into the conversation

WhatsApp that you want.

Easy right?

Bubbles in WhatsApp

How to write by sliding your finger on WhatsApp

Typing by sliding your finger on your Android mobile is possible, so you only have to activate this function to use it in the WhatsApp app. To do it in Gboard, enter its settings andenable the option “Typing by sliding your finger”

. You can also activate itin SwiftKey via Settings> Handwriting> Handwriting and AutoCorrect> Flow

. Once the function is activated, enter WhatsApp, click on the text bar of any conversation andslide your finger on the screen to compose the message you want to send


How to write backwards on WhatsApp As you are checking, the possibilities for writing on WhatsApp are very varied. Although it is more unknown, writing backwards also has a gap in our guide and in the Google application store withthe app “Write backwards”

. After downloading it, enter the text you want to flip and copy the result to the clipboard to be able to paste it

in WhatsApp conversations. If you don’t want to download new apps,just do a quick Google search to find websites that are dedicated to writing backwards


You will have to do the same: enter the text, copy the result and paste it into the messaging app.


How to forward a message to multiple contacts A few years agoWhatsApp introduced the function of forwarding messages to several contacts at once

. In this way, the process was simplified and it was not necessary to go contact by contact.

To reduce “fake news” on the platform, the company also limited the number of chats to which a message can be forwarded to five. Even if there is such a barrier, message forwarding is still a very useful feature. To use it, you must select the message you want to forward, click on the right arrow located at the top of the screen, choose the recipient contacts

and confirm the shipment using the green button that will appear at the bottom right.

Quick and easy, there is no more.

How to turn predictive text on or off

Predictive text is the function of Android keyboards that is responsible for suggesting the words you can use when you are typing. To activate it, and speed up the writing time in WhatsApp, enter Settings> Language & input> On-screen keyboard

(or another option that gives access to the keyboard) and check the box that enables predictive text or personalized suggestions. If you want to deactivate it, you will have to do the opposite, deactivate the function to stop receiving those predictions. This feature is usually available on most Android keyboards, soyou will only have to enter its settings to activate or deactivate it


How to write in any language on WhatsApp

If what you want is to communicate on WhatsApp in a language other than Spanish, Gboard, the Google keyboard, is the best tool. Download, install and set Gboard as your default keyboard and then enter the WhatsApp app

and open the conversation in which you want to write in another language. When opening the keyboard, click on the Google G that appears on the left and then do the same with the translator button

located next to GIF.

Select the language in which you want to use the translator in real time and write to see how the message is being translated.

With this function, you can write in any language, both in WhatsApp and in other apps. All these tips and tricksallow you to improve your abilities to chat on WhatsApp, the communication app of the moment


From now on, you can write backwards, reply to messages and even send messages with Google Assistant, which we said at the beginning, a real expert!