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Google’s productivity apps are now much smarter

Just a few hours ago, Google decided to change the name of its platform for group-oriented applications, Google Apps for Work, renamed G Suite, in order to further improve the collaboration between users of these groups.

But in addition to this name change, Google has wanted to provide its productivity applications, such as Drive, Calendar, Documents, Spreadsheets or Presentations, from a new smart function called , which will allow users of these platforms to obtain different data in a much simpler and faster way, in addition to the possibility of formatting documents automatically, in order to save time and work.

Explore: this is the new smart feature of Google applications


As noted Google on their official blog, this new feature will allow us save us up to 30% of the time that we could spend formatting our spreadsheets, documents and presentations, or performing calculations and operations, thanks to the fact that the new Explore function will do it for us.

And is that perhaps the most important part of this implementation, the possibility of perform calculations or extract data from documents without the need to write formulasBecause the Explore tab itself will offer us the results to our questions in natural language, thanks to its ability to execute formulas automatically.


In addition, this tab has a built-in search engine, from which we will be able to search for information on the Internet to use it in our projects without having to leave the document, whether it be text, images or videos, and we will even be able to search among our own documents stored in Google Drive, or our Google Calendar events.

Fortunately, this new Explore feature It will be available both in desktop applications and for different mobile platforms from today.

Therefore, Android users will soon be able to enjoy this new and useful functionality of Google’s productivity applications.

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