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Google’s dinosaur sneaks into Chome 88’s QR codes

Chrome 88 makes it much easier to share QR codes with the icon of the classic Google dinosaur.

The latest version of the Moutain View company's web browser, Google Chrome 88, makes it easy for us to share links via QR codes screen-printed with the dinosaur logo of the famous minigame of the American giant.

You can now send QR codes with the iconic dinosaur of the American giant

How to send custom QR codes from Google Chrome

As tell us in Android Police, Chrome 88, both in its mobile version and in its desktop version, facilitates the action of share links using QR codes with the dinosaur icon from the google mini game.

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This functionality was already available from version 84 of Chrome but now already we do not need to activate the option to share QR codes manually, since activating a couple of items in the browser's developer options we are already enabled to use it daily.

To be able to share links with personalized QR codes with this famous dinosaur just we must follow the following steps:

  • Check that we have updated Google Chrome to version 88.
  • We write the following in the address bar: chrome: // flags
  • Once inside this field we must use its search box to activate these two options: Chrome Share QRCodes Y Chrome Sharing Hub.
  • Once activated, the navigator himself will ask us to let's restart it for the changes to take effect (If it doesn't work on the first reboot, we'll have to try again a second time.)
  • We access the link that we want to share, and in the menu, which appears with three vertical dots, we select the corresponding item.
  • The classic Android menu will appear with a new option: QR code.
  • When clicking on it, a QR code with the dinosaur drawing appears and from here we can download it for send it to someone or anyone who is with us at the time you can scan it with your terminal.

So you can see how easy it is to create a custom QR code, here we leave you the one from

This is 's custom QR code

This is ‘s custom QR code

This is a very fast and easy way to share any link with a friend or family member, especially in these times when, many times, we cannot be close to our inner circle.