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Google would be working on measures to boost the sale of applications in its store

From we have always defended that if a payment application is worth it, you have to pay for it.

The reasons are many and obvious, but ultimately we can say that by paying for an application we are helping to improve the overall quality on Google Play.

Even so, sometimes paying for an application without knowing if it is really what we are looking for is risky, not only to know if it will serve our purpose but also to check if it will work correctly on our phone or tablet.

For this reason, Google decided to give us a little more time to test the apps and send them back in case we don't like them.

From the original scarce fifteen minutes, we can now spend up to two hours testing an application before returning it.

Even with this, it seems that sales are not as high as Google wants, and if we compare ourselves with stores like those of iOS – whose users seem more willing to pay -, we see that something is wrong.

For this reason, and as we can read in some media such as The InformistIt seems that Google is planning some measures so that there are more consumers who do not mind taking out the credit card when paying.

According to an anonymous medium, Google would give developers some tools to attract buyers, that is, we could see how the creators of the applications They attract us with trial versions of the applications, versions that are qualified or simply a trial period of time before the application asks us for the payment..

Personally, it will be necessary to see how Google approaches these measures, since today there are already these versions called or trial that many developers create in parallel to its paid version.

We will see what Google Play will bring us in the future, but perhaps to opt for a quality application store we would have to start by eliminating so much junk application located at the top of the download lists.