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Google will fix its big problem with multitasking in the next beta of Android P

Android Developer Preview 2 is a true marvel, although it is still a preliminary version, and it shows. One of the biggest changes comes in multitasking, which goes from the classic vertical design to a horizontal card system in true iOS style.

However, this beta came with a lack that we missed, and whose return has just been confirmed. Today, we tell you how Android P will fix your main problem with multitasking, and when. Let's go to the mess!

The clear all button will return in Android P Developer Preview 3

Android P multitasking

Currently, if we want to remove all applications from multitasking in Android Developer Preview 2, we have to do it one by one. Something that is quite tedious, although luckily, Android is at that moment in which it is hardly necessary to remove applications from multitasking.

As we can read in 9to5Google, the delete all button will return in the Android P Developer Preview 3, a version that will include the final APIs of the system, and that will have a much higher degree of polish than that of this DP2, which is already fully usable for day-to-day use.

Good news for those of us who are currently using this beta version, and who missed the button so much . Dislikes that are forgiven, and that is Google is making the best operating system in its history, making it clear that Android still has a lot of potential, and that it can become something much better than it already is. As always, we will keep you informed about the development of Android P, the list of compatible devices, and everything related to the latest version of our operating system.