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Google wants to go from iOS to Android to be very easy and is already working on a special app for it

In a few simple steps you can transfer all the content from your iPhone to your Android smartphone.

Changing terminals is a task that we must dedicate some time to, since we have to transfer all data and applications from one mobile to another.

But when we change the operating system things get complicated and to facilitate the transition from an Apple device, Google is already working on a special app to make it easier for us to go from iOS to Android.

With this application we will no longer have excuses to go from iOS to Android

This is how “Switch to Android” works

As we can read in 9to5 Google Google is developing a new application for iOS called “Switch to Android” that will allow us to transfer all the data and all the applications from an iPhone to an Android terminal.

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Until now, the only way to transfer all data from an iPhone to an Android mobile was backup everything to Google Drive and then download this same copy on the new device. In this way, we had a backup of all our data and our photographs, but no of the applications installed on our iPhone.

Google recently updated its “Data Restore Tool” to version 1.0.382048734 and it has been found references to a new application called “Switch to Android”, an app developed by the American giant for iOS and that is very similar to the “Move to iOS” application created by Apple.

The steps to to transfer all our content from an iPhone to an Android with the “Switch to Android” app are the ing:

  • Download the app “Switch to Android” from the App Store.
  • The “Switch to Android” application will create a local Wi-Fi network in your terminal.
  • We access the Wifi configuration on our device.
  • We connect to the Wi-Fi network ^ 1 and enter the password ^ 2.
  • We start the data transfer from our iPhone to our Android mobile.

It is not yet clear how this app will do to transfer the applications from one terminal to another, but it is assumed that Google will elaborate a table that knows the Android equivalent of various iOS apps and installs them from the Google Play Store. Obviously, in the case of payment applications we will have no choice but to go through the checkout again and buy android version.

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For now, the application “Switch to Android” not yet available on the App Store, but it should appear in a short period of time in the Apple mobile app store.

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