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Google wants to bring minigames to the screen of your car with Android Auto

HTML5 games could come to Android Auto thanks to GameSnacks.

Google seems to intend to open the doors to games on Android Auto, your infotainment platform for vehicles. At least it has discovered the people of , where they state that the company is working on implementing GameSnacks in Android Auto to provide users with a catalog of HTML5 minigames.

For now, this implementation is under development, although it has already been possible to see the first signs that point to its arrival. It has even been possible see what GameSnacks games will look like on Android Auto.

Google has plans to bring games to Android Auto through GameSnacks.

GameSnacks minigames will land on Android Auto

Those who are not too familiar with GameSnacks, they should know that it is a online minigames platform, small in size and developed in HTML5, which can be run from practically any device with access to a web browser. This platform is developed by Area 120, a division within Google focused on experimental projects.

Google takes a while integrating some of the GameSnacks minigames into their services, and everything points to Android Auto will be the next platform to welcome these minigames.

GameSnacks game on Android Auto

One of the GameSnacks games that will be available on Android Auto.

As has been verified, the GameSnacks app will be integrated into Android Auto, with some games optimized to be played on vehicle touch screens.

Furthermore, it is known that Google will prevent users from playing these games when the car is running, and it will only be possible to start the games if the vehicle is parked.

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For now, there is no expected date for the arrival of this integration to Android Auto, but it is likely that you will not have to wait too long.

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