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Google try again! We tell you all about Android TV Android TV design

Finally and as we all expected at Google I / O 2014 Google has presented its new bet for the television, Android TV.

While it is true that Android tends to succeed wherever it steps, there are some fields where this success resists more, and the field of television content is one of them.

Android TV comes to replace Google TV, this new platform has the possibility of interaction directly with the voice, in addition to getting along especially well with Android.

Google has always had some disappointment when it has wanted to cover the subject of television, one of the best known is the Nexus Q.

However, now Google wants Android TV to be the definitive and successful platform, offering users Google content on their television.

Android TV will give us access to movies, series, applications and also games in an extensive Google catalog.

This system will be integrated into televisions or equipment to which they are connected.

The design of Android TV has not undergone changes since it was leaked a couple of months ago.

The categories present their contents in horizontal rows, where you can see images and descriptions.

Its interface, as we will see below, is simple and intuitive, making it very easy for us to move through the various contents.

Google explained to us that many times users use their Y while watching television, and for that reason Google wants Android devices to be the gateway to control the Android TV platform.

Thanks to this, Through our we will be able to browse the contents of television

In addition to this close relationship that Android TV maintains with sister devices, Google given with the key when incorporating voice commands, having very great and advanced control possibilities with respect to other Google attempts.

Here is the video presentation of Android TV at Google I / O 2014:

Maybe this time Google is right, at least a priori we are facing a very striking product. Its complete content catalog, the great design presented by its interface, the relationship with mobile devices and its voice commands, suggest that Google has been able to find the formula to achieve such a long-awaited success on television.

According to Google, the first televisions compatible with Android TV will arrive at the end of the year or early 2015.

From we will be very attentive to the movements of the expected Android TV.