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Google says goodbye forever to Chromecast Audio

Today, in the umpteenth chapter of , Google Chromecast Audio is the protagonist. The version of the Google Chromecast intended for sound equipment presented in 2015, you are about to say goodbye forever after Google has decided to cease manufacturing and halt sales of this useful device, which allowed users to transform any speaker into a smart one.

This is how a user of in the official Google store, where at this time Google Chromecast Audio is already listed as “Not Available”, and the company does not seem to intend to renew the stock of this version of the Google Chromecast, one of the most successful products of the company of which we have already brought you an extensive guide.

Chromecast Audio is discontinued

Chromecast Audio

After having discovered that the Chromecast Audio can no longer be purchased through the company's official store in a good number of countries –although in others it can continue to be purchased, with an interesting clearance discount, yes–, Google has responded to clear up the confusion about it.. And as expected, indeed the Google Chromecast Audio has reached the end of its days:

For a price of just over 30 euros, Chromecast Audio offered users the ability to add smart capabilities to any speaker, as long as it had a 3.5 mm audio jack. Through a smartphone connected to the same network as the Chromecast Audio, it would be possible to send sound content to the accessory, enjoying the sound quality of the audio equipment.

It is true that Chromecast Audio development had been stalled for some time, and that the lack of Google Assistant integration had left this accessory somewhat dated. However, it was – and is – a very good way to breathe new life into old sound equipment that lacks Internet connectivity.