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Google releases an Android Q Beta 2 patch to fix bugs

If you decided to install Android Q Beta 2 on your Pixel last week, you will be glad to know that a patch is on the way to your device to fix some of the bugs that this version brought with it. This has been confirmed by the team behind the development of Android through the official Android_Beta, which indicates that, in the next few hours, all owners of a device with Android Q Beta 2 should receive the OTA corresponding to version QPP2.190228.023.

Apparently, this update brings with it performance and stability improvements, as well as the solution to some critical bugs that have been discovered in the last week, and that have led Google to release this patch before the arrival of the third beta, scheduled for Google I / O 2019 that will take place early of the month of May.

The first Android Q Beta 2 patch is here: install the update to fix bugs

Android Q Dark Theme

For now Google appears not to have started rolling out the update via OTA at the time of publishing this article., although factory images and OTA files are available for download at the google developer website. If you want to proceed with the installation, we recommend that you follow the steps in our guide to install an OTA update manually on Android.

Google points out that The improvements that come with this update are mainly focused on the management of permissions by third-party applications. Even so, the development team indicates that problems related to this aspect could still appear:

Regarding the bugs fixed with this patch, are the following:

  • Applications that crashed at startup due to run-only memory issues should now function normally. We've modified the associated Android Q behavior change so that it now only applies to apps targeting Android Q or higher, rather than apps targeting API 26 or higher.

  • Permissions managed through Settings should now work normally after application reinstallation or device restart, including permissions for Unknown Sources and others. We have fixed the app operations issue that was causing permissions to be reset.

It is not too common to see Google launching a patch intended to fix bugs outside of the usual scheduleEspecially during a beta program where performance problems or crashes are frequent and participants are notified accordingly. However, it is appreciated that the company has decided to follow this path, and we trust that sooner or later it will become common practice.