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Google puts the first nail in the coffin of another of its applications

Goodbye to the popular map app.

It is true that Google has some of the best mobile applications to its name. You just have to take a look at your search engine, Gmail, Google Maps or Youtube to realize it. The best of all? Which are also completely free.

However, Google does not only develop applications that are successful. He also commits failures and not exactly few. Google’s graveyard is full of apps that either haven’t gotten popular or have already served their purpose. The next to end up buried could be My Maps, a map app that the Moutain View company appears to have put an expiration date on.

Google’s My Maps could be the next to be buried

The My Maps app will no longer be available for Android

As we read on the 9to5Google digital portal, it seems that The My Maps application will no longer be available for download from October 15, 2021 in the Play Store. This does not mean that the service is no longer available since it can be used via a web browser, but it is evident that Google is beginning to realize that the application is no longer profitable.

Google My Maps is a free application for creating and editing custom maps, finding and saving places, adding points of interest and getting directions. As you may have noticed, Google Maps already includes most of these features so it was only a matter of time before Google left My Maps.

Luckily for all those who continue to use it, My Maps will not disappear for good. It cannot be used as an application but it can be used as a web service. The question is, until when? Only Google knows that at the moment.

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