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Google is working on a special version of Android for feature phones

Google intends to bring its operating system to as many people as possible. Android Go is an example, a version designed to consume few resources on very modest smartphones and that is helping Android to reach users who, due to whatever circumstances, cannot access other options.

A few weeks ago we learned that the Mountain View company could be working on a version of Android that would reach the , mobiles without a touch screen, and today new tests seem to have confirmed this. Two screenshots show us a Google Chrome application designed for mobile phones with keys.

This would be the new Chrome on a feature phone

As they point from 9to5Google, these two captures would correspond to a version of the popular browser that would be intended for , so that would be adapted to use without a touch screen. Terminals such as the Nokia 3310 or the Nokia 8110, which also just received WhatsApp globally, would be some examples.

We met with a redesigned interface, much more simplified, which shows a carousel of icons that would act as shortcuts. We can also see that it exists a news section, which would be grouped into cards.

Chrome feature phones

Another important detail appears in the upper left corner of these two screenshots. In the notification bar, in addition to a settings icon, Android Oreo logo appears, the eighth version of Google's operating system. Therefore, we would be talking about an application that would run on devices with Android 8.

The most important event of the year for the Android operating system, Google I / O 2019, will be held on May 7, 8 and 9 in Mountain View, California. It is likely that it is the moment when we leave doubts, since everything indicates that we will know this new edition of Android for mobiles without touch screen.