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Google has launched a special pinball full of secrets and curiosities: this is how you can play it


This pinball is Google’s latest free game, which has arrived to commemorate the I/O that just took place.

The Google I/O was just held in Mountain View. It is one of the most important dates of the year for the American firm and we have been able to learn about great news, such as the future Pixel Watch and even some details of the next Google Pixel 7.

The Californian firm wanted to commemorate this celebration with the launch of a curious totally free online game. I/O Pinball comes to life alongside the mascots of some of the most important creations of Google developers, such as Android, Chrome, Flutter and Firebase.

Google Pinball

This is the new free game from Google.

This is Google’s new free game

I/O Pinball is a free online game with simple controls, you will only have to use a few buttons or a touch panel to control the hands. Choose your favorite character, for example Dino from Chrome or Android from Android and the color of the ball. After that you just have to start playing.

Based on your choices, the colors of the entire stage will change to harmonize the experience, something similar to what happens with customization in android 13. Vary between all of them to see all the possibilities.

Pinball Google I/O

Google celebrates one of its big dates with this game.

Google play includes a few secrets and tricks that will allow you to accumulate the maximum number of points. For example, the ramp to the android spaceship will activate extra points. On the other hand, disturbing our feathered friend Dash in the upper right corner will activate the multiball.

Also, Sparky’s laptop will set the ball on fire and Dino will eat it and then throw it in a random direction. If you reach a good score you can see yourself in the leader boardso you can already be playing if you want to be one of the best.

We come across a fun game involving some of Google’s most popular pets, a tribute to the different creations of the company. In addition, we are facing an open source game, you can know how it was created.

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