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Google doesn’t want abandoned apps, so Android Q will go after outdated apps

It was time for Google to get on with certain aspects that seemed a bit abandoned on Android, and if this afternoon we saw the refusal of the modifications on the Pixel Launcher, it was not long before we learned that unsupported apps are also in the spotlight of the Mountain View Giant.

It is an extension of the new policy for modernization of Android apps that Google started last December, and that implies that all new applications that are published in the Play Store from August 1, 2018 must be compiled using the APIs in version 26.

This means that they have to be optimized for Android Oreo at least or they will be rejected, something that will be extended to updates starting next November.

Google doesn't want abandoned apps, so Android Q will go after outdated apps

Android Q will notify users, who will receive a message in a pop-up window when running apps designed for Android 5.0 Lollipop or lower versions of Google's mobile operating system. This same message is also present in Android 9.0 Pie for apps designed in versions lower than Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

It seems that Google finally wants to surround the growing number of Unsupported or abandoned apps on Play Store, which are those on which their developers have not made updates in recent years.

Obviously all supported apps will continue to allow installation and continue to function normally, but when they are executed the user will have to close the message to become aware of the app may be unstable or poorly optimized for new versions of the operating system.

Things still have time to change, because between now and the arrival of Android Q there is still a long time left. However, it seems that Google is immersed in a Play Store cleanup that we all appreciate to keep up the quality of published applications. Good news!

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