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Google could open its stores to sell the Nexus range

As we can read in 9to5google, it seems that Google plans to open its own stores in different regions of the US. to sell directly all the devices of the Nexus family, as well as the Y , without being closed to other devices from different associated manufacturers.

These stores should be ready by next Christmas and appear to be a consequence of the Mountain View company's current policy of expanding its interests outside of the and Internet services.

It is not so far fetched if we consider two important facts: Google already has small inside Best Buy stores and at airports in the US and at some PCWorld / Dixon's in Great Britain (although they mainly sell small computers) and, as a second factor to consider, could directly market their products off the web with two clear objectives, to have more stock (we will see if they achieve this) and to reach that audience that is still reluctant to buy exclusively online. In addition, they could have several models of so that customers can check its operation .

Of course, as Apple already does, the staff would be specially trained to provide excellent user service. Google knows that potential customers want to personally see what the products they are going to buy are like before they buy them. This would occur, above all, in the case of that, due to its high price, we will need to check its functionality, since there are few who are not experts and who would buy a between 500 and 1000 dollars. Already put to bring one of their devices to the public … why not continue with the others? It's more, they would be a great showcase for your next projects.

¿? ¿? ¿? ¿ from Google like clothes, mugs, etc?