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Google Chrome for Android starts testing dark mode

Google recently improved one of its most popular applications, and it is that Google Chrome for Android finally will block unwanted automatic downloads Y launched voice search. They are not the only novelties that land on the browser, since Google Chrome for Android starts testing dark mode.

Before the end of January it was already announced that the next movement of the big G would go through test dark mode in Chrome for Android. Now, as reported from 9to5google, thanks to the latest beta version, number 73, some users are testing dark mode for Chrome on their Android devices.

The new version of the browser incorporates a series of novelties in Android, such as the mentioned dark mode. At the moment there are only a few touches of the dark mode, since is in its early phase, and not all users have access to it.

How to activate the dark mode of Google Chrome

The dark mode of Google Chrome at the moment only works on devices with Android 9 Pie, since it is mandatory to have the option activated . Once this option is activated, all you have to do is download or update Google Chrome Beta in order to test the browser's dark mode.

The version with dark mode is 73 and is now available on Google Play. Dark mode appears for the moment in the popup window displayed when clicking on an image or on a link. At that moment a pop-up window with a dark gray background and white letters. Of course, a series of bugs have also been found, such as that the link appears in black, preventing its good reading.

Hopefully it will apply this same color pattern throughout the interface. At the moment it is unknown when dark mode will reach all users, but it may take place in the next few months or with Android Q output.