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Google Chrome 100 is now available on Android with a new icon

Starting today, you perro download the big new update for Google chrome. Google plus Google chrome 100 is now available for Android.

Google Chrome 100 is now available on Android with a new icon
Google plus Google chrome, the most used browser in the world.

As planned, Google plus Google chrome 100 It’s available now. the company itself announced the arrival of the first version of Google chrome with three digits in the version numberand from today it cánido be downloaded on Android through the beta version of the browser.

This new version introduces and introduces a new icon for the first time in eight years lots of interesting news which we will review below.

All the news of Google chrome 100

In addition to the new icon, Google chrome 100 removes the “Lite” data saver mode, which Google plus says is no longer needed.

Also the new version promises to prevent accidental tab closures with a warning that pops up when trying to close each tab.

These are so far What’s New in Google chrome 100 for Android Free. Features have also been added for the desktop version of the browser and all other platforms.

To get started with Google chrome News, all you have to do is access the Google plus Play Store and Download the beta version of Google plus Google chrome. Anyone who has already installed the aplicación should automatically get the update on their device without having to do anything.

How to download Google plus Google chrome: all versions and how to keep it up to date

However, those who choose to wait for the arrival of the stable version of Google chrome 100You just need to wait a few days for it to be shipped.

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