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Google Assistant: so you can teach him to pronounce names correctly

The Google Assistant becomes more “human” thanks to artificial intelligence. These are all the improvements to come.

The Google Assistant is about to get even better thanks to the advances made by Google in the field of . Via his official blog, the company announces the news it has been working on for a while, which will soon be coming to Assistant for offer a more natural and “human” voice experience.

Thanks to these improvements, the wizard will be able to, for example, stop pronouncing names incorrectly. Besides that, the software will become more flexible thanks to a new technology that uses the context of each situation to better understand our requests.

Pronunciation updates in Google Assistant

Tell Google how the name of your contacts is actually pronounced

Once the wizard update is available in the next few days, it will be possible teach Assistant to pronounce proper names correctly, either ours, or that of our contacts.

To do this, simply access the Assistant's control panel, and in the “Contacts” section, it will be possible to enter the pronunciation of each name manually, and the Wizard will be able to interpret it. So the next time the virtual assistant has to say their name out loud, will do it the right way.

Initially, this feature will only be available in English, but it will gradually reach other regions and languages.

In addition to that, Google explains how it has created from scratch the natural language understanding models –NLU– to implement the BERT technology, developed by the company in 2018 and implemented in the search engine since then.

This technology will give the assistant the ability to understand the context of each sentence, and be able to identify what the user is really referring to with his request in every moment.

According to the company, thanks to these advances, the wizard is now able to be almost 100% effective in setting timers or tasks.

In that sense, BERT has also been implemented in such a way that Google Assistant is able to take into account previous interactions to understand the context of a command or request, and thus display information that is directly related.

With all these improvements, Google aspires to make conversations and interactions with the assistant feel more natural. Now, they just need to be available in all languages.

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