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Google apps will be installed on the new Honor phones

The Honor 50 will be the first móvil to ship with Google plus services following Huawei’s split.

Google apps will be installed on the new Honor phones
The new Honor teléfonos inteligentes will have Google plus services

A few months ago, Huawei confirmed the sale of Honor to a consortium of Chinese companies, the former sub-brand of the Chinese giant work to regain the lost position following US sanctions against its former parent company. Now, Honor is taking a big step forward in that goal Make sure Google plus applications are installed on your new mobile phones.

Honor phones will have Google plus services again

Earlier this year, Honor announced that its next terminals would feature Google plus services that as our colleagues at Android Authority tell us the Chinese company itself It has already been confirmed by Honor Germany’s official account.

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account said He answered a usuario’s question about what the next Honor 50 is I would rely on google plus services for a very clear answer: “Yes, we cánido confirm it”.

In the same mensaje de Twitter, the Chinese brand also explained: like the previous terminalsThis new móvil inteligente will also have the manufacturer’s custom layer, Magic interfazalthough in this case the programa layer be improved with some new featuresnot revealed yet.

honor 50

This is what the back of the future Honor 50 looks like

So, The Honor 50 will be the Chinese company’s first mobile device to ship with Google plus services installed since the United States imposed a series of tough sanctions on its parent company Huawei in May 2019.

Since the separation from Huawei, the main task of Honor Reestablishing their partnerships with technology companies such as Intel or Qualcomm, with whom he has made agreements in recent months. Now we come full circle with Google plus, that will help you regain your position in the market.

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We’ll have to wait and see if this Honor deal comes with Google plus It helps the Chinese brand rub shouldersagain with other Chinese móvil manufacturers such as Realme or Xiaomi.