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Google announces a special edition of its Cardboard: Roge One: A Star Wars Story

When Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released late last year not only excited millions of fans around the world, but brought with it a marketing fad never seen before. The promotional gifts that were released before the film were many and fans of the saga were more than satisfied with them.

One of those gifts was a Google Cardboard VR glasses customized for the occasion that were not bad at all and they served to live the experience of virtual reality with our mobile devices. Now, with the arrival of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story around the corner, something very similar may be about to happen.

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The Star Wars experience like you've never lived before

And the company will launch two new VR headsets that are certified to work with Google Cardboard applications, being able to choose between two different designs inspired by the movie: Imperial Death Trooper or K-2SO. Surely for the spectators and fans of this millionaire saga they will be very striking designs that they will be delighted to have in their collection of objects.


These VR headsets can be used on both Android and iOS devices, in addition to working with the official Google Cardboard application and other specific virtual reality programs. In addition, users can use these glasses with the Star Wars application to live a unique experience with virtual reality.

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For now, these virtual reality glasses They will only be available in the UK from the middle of next December, as the guys from Phone Arena point out. There is no news about its arrival in Spain or Latin America, but there may be news about it soon and from we will be very attentive to inform you about it.