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GO Beyond: 4 key novelties why Pokémon GO now goes beyond

Niantic finally punches the table and elevates the gaming experience considerably.

On November 18, Niantic surprised us with a revolutionary announcement that upended everything seen to date in Pokémon GO. Level 40 is no longer the maximum and now to be a true Pokémon master you must show off a beautiful level 50 in your profile.

But this has not been the only thing. Along with this news came the confirmation that in the next few days the first Pokémon from the Kalos region, belonging to the sixth generation, and the arrival of the seasons. We crumble both separately.

The seasons: at every time of the year there will be exclusive Pokémon

The time of year in which we live will be decisive for the appearance of certain Pokémon.

In real life, each season of the year has its peculiarities; it’s hot or cold; trees have leaves (or not) of certain colors; the flowers grow; there are different types of fruit in season … That is, depending on what happens, it is a sign that we are in one season or another.

Well, as it happens in the world we live in, from now on there will also be certain aspects of Pokémon GO that will vary depending on the time of year where we are. Thus, every three months we will have a new season in the game and this will influence in the following way:

  • Different Pokémon will spawn in the wild, when hatching Eggs, and in raids. Some of them will be harder to find depending on the season and others exclusive.
  • The seasons will take into account the climate of each hemisphere.
  • Deerling will change shape depending on the season.
  • The events of the game will focus on themes related to the current season.
  • There will be more updates, features and content in development in future announcements for each station.
go beyond pokemon go stations

Go Beyond changes everything in Pokémon GO.

Also, depending on the time of year there will also be changes in the mega evolutions and in the GO Battle League. In each season we will have new Pokémon that can megaevolve and specific events in which acquiring extra mega-evolution and mega-evolution power will be easier.

Regarding the Battle League, the ranks up to level 24 (so far we have only seen 10), they are introduced new names and badges for the higher ranks and the league is linked to the station. Thus, the GO Combat League stations will go simultaneously to the General Seasons and will change their format following the same three-month pattern. The rewards will also depend on the time of year.

Kalos Region: New Pokémon arrive from December 2

go beyond new pokemon

The Kalos region is officially coming to Pokémon GO.

The region where the power of megaevolution was discovered, Kalos, It will appear officially in Pokémon GO on December 2. As always, new Pokémon will appear in the wild, from hatching, and in raids and there will be a welcome event for seven days where they will appear more frequently. For the moment, during 2020 we will have 17 Pokémon from this region. These are:

  • Chespin
  • Quilladin
  • Chesnaught
  • Fennekin
  • Braixen
  • Delphox
  • Froakie
  • Frogadier
  • Greninja
  • Bunnelby
  • Diggersby
  • Fletchling
  • Fletchinder
  • Talonflame
  • Litleo
  • Pyroar
  • Klefki (Will only appear in France)

In reference to this part of GO Beyond, Niantic has left a Mysterious message regarding a new raid Pokémon. It is as follows:

December 1: Celebration Season begins

The next December 1st at 8 in the morning (local time) the first season in the history of Pokémon GO, the Season of Celebration. The Kalos region Pokémon will have their staging and Professor Willow will commission us new special mission to study the different regions of the Pokémon world.

Finally, at the conclusion of the Celebration season, Niantic will announce a new global event experience details of which are not yet known. What do you think of all these changes in the game? We read you!