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Give your smartphone or tablet a “vintage” touch with these essential apps

At we remain committed to customizing devices, and since we have the fortune of enjoying a system that allows so much freedomWell, you have to take advantage of it. For this reason, every week we talk to you about new of icons, wallpapers, or interesting, but today we want to go a step further.

In the same way that my partner Jose García gave us the keys to give our devices a minimalist look, today I will do something similar, but this time so that our or look in the purest style . Next, I will show you the necessary for this, with some steps to follow so that our team looks really good.

Nova Launcher

First of all, install a compatible with the icons we'll use later, and I can't think of a better candidate than Nova Launcher. Its customization possibilities can make anyone else look ridiculous, and therefore, it is the perfect candidate to give our devices the look we want.

It is available for free in the application store, although there is also a payment option that will unlock more content, such as gesture control.

Google play | Nova Launcher (Gratuitous)
Google play | Nova Launcher Prime (3 euros)

Zooper Widget Pro and Retro Zooper Skins

The second step will be to install Zooper Widget Pro, an application that gives a more artistic sense to , and it even allows us to make our own creations, which can include data such as time, date, temperature, weather conditions, and much more information.

But to give it that touch What are we looking for, we must also add the Retro Zooper Skins extension. Afterwards, we can choose any of the predesigned that comes by default, and leave them like that, or give them our own touch, changing sizes, colors, fonts, adding shadows, etc.

Google play | Zooper Widget Pro (2.99 euros)
Google play | Retro Zooper Skins (Gratuitous)

Vintage vinyl customization shotsCaptures with vintage camera customization


The next thing will be to customize the icons as well. For this, the best option we have is a that gives them a tone that is close to what we want. The icons will now present a slightly worn and old-fashioned look, but very eye-catching, which in essence defines the style .

Google play | Vintage – Icon Pack (0.80 euros)

Shots with vintage customizationShots with vintage wood customization

Finally, a key piece to get the look we want in our or it is find a good wallpaper according to this style. Own of icons that we have installed brings some, but the truth is that none has convinced me.

Searching the net we can easily find an infinity of images of this type, although in Google Play we also have other options in the form of . The best I have found is Vintage Wallpapers by triviamaster –There is another that is called the same, but much less complete–, which compiles a good handful of the wallpapers that interest us.

Google play | Vintage Wallpapers (Gratuitous)

Shots with vintage personalization with colorsShots with vintage landscape customization

Now, it is up to you to configure everything in the way that is closest to what you want. You can play with the different parameters that allows you to customize Nova Launcher, like the size of the icons, whether or not we want their name to appear below, or the style of the application drawer.

On the other hand, Zooper Widget Pro also allows tons of customization possibilities, as we have already said, with what gives a lot of play, being able to create a practically infinite amount of different. And to top it off the of icons and a good wallpaper will do the rest of the work.

So now it's your turn

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