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Get these two discounted bluetooth headphones who needs Airpods?

It is no longer strange to leave and see lots of people walking down the street with their headphones on as they go to their destinations. In the end, we all have our tastes, but the vast majority of people like to listen to music, and solo rides can be one of the best times to put on headphones.

However, right now this can become quite an odyssey, because there are some possibilities that the mobile you have does not have a headphone jack, and, before this, there are only two solutions: use USB Type C headphones, or use bluetooth headphones.

And, since we know that this may be your situation, or that you simply want cheap bluetooth headphones, we are going to show you two models that are on sale at Amazon right now, take a look!

These two bluetooth headphones on sale at Amazon for a limited time

Mpow Swift

The first headphones that we are going to teach you are the Mpow Swift, bluetooth helmets with a sporty design and that they are linked by a cable, in addition to having fasteners so that they do not fall from your ear at any time, in addition, their weight of only 86 grams is ideal for this type of activity.

These have a microphone, which will be a great way to talk on calls, or even to send voice notes. These have noise cancellation technology that will allow you to focus more on what you are listening to.

Mpow headphones

Syllable D900 mini

Second, we have some pretty nice headphones, which, Like Apple's Airpods, they come in a pretty fancy case, and they are independent of each other, that is, they are not linked by a cable, so you have to be careful not to lose them.

Like the previous headphones, these are headphones and with noise cancellation. In addition, the manufacturer itself emphasizes that it has a good sound in the bass, something that is often missed in bluetooth headphones.

Syllable headphones