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Get these 9 paid Android games for free, just for a few hours!

The offers are back! Summer may be about to end and holidays are already a thing of the past, but thanks to offers like the ones we bring you today, there is no excuse not to enjoy one of the great games available on Google Play.

And is that, once again, the application store of our favorite mobile operating system, has dawned full of offers in paid games that, for a very, very short time, can be downloaded without having to pay a single euro.

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Paid games for Android, free for a short time

Biome Survival Online PRO


Google Play | Biome Survival Online PRO (Free – Before 0.59 euros)

Flip Mind & Memory


Google Play | Flip Mind & Memory (Free – Before 1.59 euros)

Game Studio Tycoon 3

Game Studio Tycoon

Google Play | Game Studio Tycoon 3 (Free – Before 4.19 euros)


Google Play | Cubes (Free – Before 1.19 euros)


klocki free for Android

Google Play | klocki (Free – Before 0.99 euros)


Google Play | LASERBREAK 2 PRO (Free – Before 0.59 euros)

StoneBack | Prehistory

Google Play | StoneBack (Free – Before 0.59 euros)

Dino Safari 2 Pro

Google Play | Dino Safari 2 Pro (Free – Before 0.00 euros)

Maze 3D


Google Play | MAZE 3D (Free – Before 1.99 euros)

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As always, we remind you that the duration of these offers is limited, and it is possible that in the next few hours some of the games may no longer be available for free. Therefore, we recommend taking advantage of this opportunity by downloading the offered games as soon as possible. For them!