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Get more creative photos with these camera monopods

If you want to take stable photos without having to mount a tripod, here is the solution.

If you want to get a straight, stabilized photo, the best thing to do, if possible, is to use a tripod. However, you have to adjust this and look out keep it straight every time you move. But there is another accessory, the monopod, which allows you to gain stability when taking pictures.

This device requires less space and preparation to use, and ultimately it can be quite a bit better than a tripod, at least in some situations. Therefore, we have decided to select these camera monopods that will make you more creative in your photos. In addition, to dock your smartphone you would only need an adapter.

Best camera monopods you can buy

A monopod is a very useful device for capturing creative photos with your camera, and also with your smartphone. What's more, not a very expensive accessory, so you will not have to make a large investment to get it. Then, we recommend the best monopods that you can currently buy.

  • AmazonBasics Monopod
  • K&F Concept Monopod
  • Monopod Moman Monopod
  • Andoer Monopod
  • SIRUI AM-326M Monopod
  • Delamax WT-1003
  • Neewer Monopod

AmazonBasics Monopod

As a good Amazon Basics product, this monopod is very simple, reaches up to 170 centimeters in height, comes with a Case included and features a fluffy grip to aid grip. Supports a maximum load of 3 kilos.

K&F Concept Monopod

The tallest monopod we show you today. It has 171 centimeters maximum height, supports up to 3 kilos of weight and also comes with a protective cover and strap to carry it. It is quite an interesting model.

Monopod Moman Monopod

A monopod that is also a bit of a tripod due to its sturdy three-legged base, which allows certain inclination when taking the picture, specifically, up to 20º. It has a maximum height of 165 centimeters and is the most resistant, since the maximum weight it supports is 5 kilos. It also has an included strap.


To get more innovative photos you can also get this Manfrotto brand monopod. Has a non-slip rubber grip so you can hold it comfortably, plus a protective cap on top. It has four sections that can be unfolded to get up to 155.6 centimeters in height.

Andoer Monopod

In the market you can also buy this Andoer brand monopod, made in aluminum alloy and very comfortable to wear on your excursions and adventures. In addition to being sturdy, this monopod can achieve a height 152 centimeters.

SIRUI AM-326M Monopod

This Sirui brand monopod is one of the best you can buy, as it is comfortable to use and serves multiple functions. First of all, it is a compact monopod that can extend up to 156 centimeters opening its 6 sections. In addition, it has a large load capacity. This monopod too It has a compass and serves as a trekking pole, so you can take it with you on your excursions.

Delamax WT-1003

Although it may not seem like it for its price, this Delamax monopod is one of the best. It barely weighs 358 grams, so you can carry it in your backpack without being a hassle. Its rubber handle allows a comfortable grip, is resistant and extends up to 170 centimeters tall.

Neewer Monopod

Last but not least, you can get this Neewer carbon fiber monopod, very resistant, capable of hold up to 5kg load weight. It has 5 sections that can be deployed, allowing you reach up to 168 centimeters Tall.

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