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Garmin presents a smartwatch that can be charged with the sun: lasts up to 80 days

Garmin Enduro: a smartwatch focused on professional athletes such as runners and cyclists that promises an autonomy of up to 80 days.

In today’s wearable market, which are wearable or “wearable” devices, smartwatches are one of the items most used by all types of users, from those who need to be always connected to those who want monitor your sports activity as much as possible. For the latter, a benchmark brand when it comes to sports smartwatch is , which has just presented a new smartwatch focused on professional athletes that ensures up to 80 days of autonomy: this is all that the .

The new Garmin smartwatch can be charged with the sun

These are the main features of the Garmin Enduro

As we can read in Android Authority sports watch brand Garmin just launched your new smartwatch, the Garmin Enduro, which stands out for being aimed at professional athletes and because it ensures up to 80 days of battery thanks to using a solar charge.

This Garmin Enduro is specifically developed for professional endurance athletes such as runners and cyclists, which is why it has specific characteristics for this type of athlete.

First of all, for professional runners this sports watch features a Ultrarun mode which includes a rest timer to record the time spent at first aid stations and a recovery advisor that is going to recommend the necessary rest time between workouts, based on our sleep data and other data collected by the smartwatch such as blood oxygen levels or energy levels. This last piece of information is provided by a Garmin exclusive function called Body Battery.

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Second, for professional cyclists this Garmin Enduro offers accurate information in real time. both current and future rises What . In addition, it also incorporates fairly accurate metrics of the difficulty of the trails for mountain bikers.

As you might expect, this Garmin smartwatch includes a fairly accurate GPS to monitor all workouts, both running and cycling.

One of the differentiating points of this Garmin Enduro compared to competing devices is its autonomy, since it ensures up to 70 days of battery life after a full charge of the same, that can arrive up to 80 days using your solar charge. If we want to reach these 80 days of autonomy we must expose this watch to the sun for at least 3 hours a day.

Availability and prices

This Garmin Enduro is now available for purchase since the official website of the manufacturer and its price varies according to its construction material, which can be steel or titanium. Thus, the steel version has both the strap and the gray case and a price of about 663 euros while the titanium version has a black strap and case priced at around 745 euros.

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