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free games in cloud from facebook app

Fb also wanted its piece of the «gaming» pie and although we had to wait a while, Fb Gaming is finally official… Currently in beta in the US with only 5 games available!

Facebook Gaming is official: free games in the cloud from the Facebook app
Fb also wants a piece of the gaming pie… We expected nothing less!

Another one… If Nvidia GeForceNow, Google plus Stadia, Xbox Game Pass or Amazon Luna weren’t enough, here it comes Fb to confirm that the stream are in vogue and vídeo games have come to them revolutionize the industry gambling with the cloud as a banner.

She told us herself Fb on his blog Now there’s hype and cymbals, and it’s these months that gaming has presented Fb as timid Your own vídeo game service stream We hadn’t heard from the long-awaited launch.

The wait is over today, because Fb gambling It’s already official in the United States, in a phase now beta and hope for it Games from Fb for freeits great asset and difference from the other options, although at the moment it is very limited since it only works on Android or through the browser and its catalog of titles only includes 5 games.

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This is Fb Gaming, the new service stream Fb vídeo game

As Google plus Stadia explored this terrain, it seemed to us the future of a lucrative industry like vídeo gamesbut the truth is that nobody expects that in a few months stream The number of games was so large that the competition has already become quite complicated.

As a matter of fact, Giants like Google plus, Microsoft or Amazon are already hereand starting on foot seems like Fb wants to differentiate itself from a service that With it you perro play all your tracks directly from Fb applications without the need for anything else, as Fb itself taught us:

  • No Download: You perro play hundreds of unlimited games without downloading anything.
  • Play Anywhere: You keep your progress and progress no matter what device you play on.
  • To play with friends: Invite your friends and family to join your playgroups to find ways to compete and challenge yourself.
  • Share your results: You perro choose to share your recordings or keep them private.
  • Discover new games: You perro sort the games by category or browse a select list based on your preferences. You cánido save your favorites to find them easily.

This is also confirmed by Fb Your service will not be segregated by platform as its own platform, in addition to the fact that no special drivers are required, which opens up the possibility of playing from almost any device and keep playing as before, without additional accessories than anything strange.

Your mobile phone will do, or your computer with a mouse and keyboard, and if you had any doubts, luckily there are some. We perro choose a name and avatar different from those we use on the popular networkalso being able to access the crossover titles between the download versions and the game in the Fb cloud indistinctly, as long as the developer integrates Fb login for games in your application.

As we have already mentioned, this is currently being done in stages betaexcept with some states of the United States and with extremely limited catalog of games, only fiveIn fact, it’s one of the most habitual on mobile platforms like Asphalt 9 Legends, Mobile Legends: Adventure, PGA Tour Golf Shootout, Solitaire: Arthur’s Tale, and WWE SuperCard.

Mark Zuckerberg’s company is also present with this Fb gaming service HTML5 in-game adswhich is also published in the United States and allows you to obtain information about a specific product interact with the display of your own life Fb News Feed.

Regarding the price and availability of Fb Gaming, No deadlines have been announced for the international launchand from the company they state they are he will remain free for instant games that will be accessible for free. It won’t come to iOS due to Apple’s policies and restrictions, although if those from Cupertino don’t open their hand, the door will be opened to benefit from Safari with restrictions.

It seems safe The platform is scheduled to take off in 2021 definitely so we’ll just have to wait and see how it compares to other options that come with a cost… On fb you know if there are no fees it’s because we are the product, and the company is already promoting it Purchases are provided in apartment in the future and/or advertising later.

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