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Free download 1000 spectacular Google Earth wallpapers

Google, that allows you choose the Pokémon of the year, continues to add new functions and features to its tools and applications, such as the change of logo for the 15th anniversary of Google Maps. The Mountain View company also wants us to personalize our mobile, and offers us thousand wallpapers with spectacular aerial images from Google Earth, which can be downloaded for free.

Earth View is a collection of thousands of photographs of the different landscapes of the planet seen from space. Millions of people around the world have witnessed the collection as wallpapers, either for Android devices or for Google Home, among others. Also, in the official blog from the big G has confirmed the biggest Earth View update to date, adding more than 1,000 new images to the collection, which in total already adds 2,500 landscapes.

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Up-to-date images featuring more locations around the world and fully optimized for today’s high-resolution displays, with brighter colors, sharper images, and even in 4K resolution. All these photos taken with Google Earth are available in the Earth View gallery, which also features a color map which helps to visualize the thousands of locations already find a specific landscape.

Earth View expands the collection with more than a thousand photographs

To bring Earth View to life, Google has collaborated with Ubilabs in Hamburg, Germany. Over the past few years they have refined a set of tools that help explore 36 million square miles of satellite imagerywhile maintaining control of the camera to get the right picture. To prepare the final image, the landscape color profile is optimized and the image is exported in ultra high resolution. A process that can be seen in the video above these lines.

Google also comments on its blog that Earth View was born as a curiosity pursued by the curious but that, throughout the decade, “that seed sprouted from various extremities.” Today it is a tool that serves millions of people to see impressive images of planet Earth taken from space.