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For some strange reason the Facebook app is collecting all the files from your Android

Facebook, which recently officially presented ‘Libra’, its cryptocurrency to make payments on WhatsApp, you want your users to earn more money by doubling the number of Instagram Stories ads. The well-known social network is experiencing somewhat dark moments after confirming that He has listened to the audios you have sent and has transcribed them and after discovering that, for some strange reason, your app is collecting all the files from your Android.

The researcher Jane Manchun Wong has discovered that the Facebook application is collecting all the files on your Android smartphone on a regular basis. The well-known social network is creating a Global Library Collector, a compilation of system libraries of smartphones that transmit metadata periodically to the company’s servers.

Through her official Twitter account, Jane Manchun Wong has pointed out that the information that the Facebook app collects It is from the system and not the one that the user generates, such as personal data or photographs. In this way, the application compresses the data and send and upload them to a server from the popular tech company. Wong also highlights that there is no way to disable this data collection, nor is there a way to access it to check what they have collected.

The Facebook app collects system information

At the moment the purpose is unknown, so Wong herself suggests that the well-known social network should offer some kind of information about it and allowing a function for users to decline said global library collector. The researcher herself confirms that at the time she shared this discovery, metadata had been sent to the server a total of 2,233 bookstores.

It should be noted that this it only happens with the Facebook application for Android, and not in other apps of its services, such as WhatsApp or Instagram. For the moment we have to wait for the company itself shed some light to find out why these files are being collected and to see if users will be able to decline this option.