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Facebook will show you more news about your city, even if you don’t want to

Facebook is the most used social network around the world, and as such, it is practically forced to renew itself so that its users do not fall into monotony, Either by introducing news in Facebook Messenger, or by any other change, the point is, precisely, to make changes.

Now, Samsung is focusing on the user feed, and changing this to modify the content we see. We already told you that, from now on we would see fewer publications from the media and, now, they will try to show more local news, that is, from the city where you live.

Let’s see what Facebook is planning!

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Now you will see more local news on Facebook

That’s right, after announcing that we would see more posts from our family and friends on Facebook, it seems that, from now on, We will also see more news about events in our city in our feed, so that we can be more informed of the things that affect our community more directly.

The way to achieve this, as you can read in FoneArena, it will be something strange.

Facebook will identify local news media that people from the same geographic area have come to read. You can follow these media, but even if you don’t, you will see their news.

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Facebook has confirmed that this new feature will arrive first to the United States, and then expand to more countries throughout this year 2018, as part of its new favorable positioning for users to have a “quality” feed.

Right now, Facebook is worrying, not only does it make the media that you have decided to follow of your own free will appear less in your feed, but, In addition, it will make media that you have not selected or followed, appear in it by magic.

Who knows why this decision of the company to select the news that you should read for you could be due to, but of course, we do not like it at all.