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Facebook will let you hide one of its most pleasant functions

Facebook, as much as it still does not convince us regarding the privacy of its users’ data, it is still the largest social network around the world, and connects tons of people with their friends and loved ones. But, yes, it also encourages smartphone addiction.

And it is that, we have already told you sometime that the positive stimuli of social networks, such as obtaining likes, followers and, in general, even seeing that we have pending notifications, generates a small amount of dopamine in our body, which gives us pleasure. Now, Facebook would be thinking precisely of hiding one of the things that generates the most pleasure on users: the notification points within the application.

Facebook will let you turn off notifications within the app

Personally, I removed my Facebook account some time ago, but the truth is that I still remember what it was like to enter the application and see small red dots on top of different interface elements because there were notifications pending to read.

And this is what Facebook is considering letting us hide, because can cause some anxiety for some users, and also they do not even reveal what type of notification it is, so it could perfectly be a notice from the platform, a comment in one of your posts, or even a suggestion.

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However, the effects that these have on our brain, they are real, and Avoiding this type of distraction is key to being able to use the application responsibly, something that also benefits the social network.