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Facebook tries to convince iOS users that its advertising is good

Facebook will do everything possible for you to give it all your data.

At this point in the film, no one is taken by surprise that Facebook – not only an important social network but also the owner of other applications such as WhatsApp or Instagram – do whatever you want with our data.

Thanks to our demographics, location, interests or activity, Facebook is capable of customizing ads for each of the users of its social network something that Apple just didn’t like very much.

For all this, Apple started with iOS 14 to force all developers to ask users for permission to collect their data and track it. Through the apps installed on their iPhone or iPad, something that sincerely angered the expensive book.

For all the above, Facebook is not only preparing a lawsuit with Apple accusing it of anti-competitive behavior, but it has just launched an advertising campaign to make us believe that his intentions are really good.

That not Facebook, that you do not deceive us

Facebook wants you to give it all your data with a “moving” video

As officially announced by Facebook, the social network wants us to believe that thanks to the data that good old Mark Zuckerberg collects from all of us, millions of companies can survive.

Through a video called “Good ideas deserve to be found”, they try to sell us the idea that Facebook helps all these companies and that if we users do not allow Facebook to collect our data, millions of businesses will have to lower the blind. There there, for the chord.

The video has the comments deactivated and the difference between “I don’t like it” and “I like it” is abysmal. Obviously the idea of ​​Facebook does not seem to have caught on with the community that knows perfectly well that Facebook’s intentions are not kind at all.

We have always defended the advantages of deleting Facebook from our mobile terminal. Not only is it one of the apps that least protects the privacy of its users but also less and less people use it since other social networks such as Instagram, TikTok or the recent Clubhouse have gained much greater popularity.

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