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Facebook loves its applications, and more and more in the Google Play Store

Generally speaking, Facebook loves external apps. At the moment, the social network has 13 different applications on Google Play. We are especially interested in one of these called Moments, which is about to get a big dose of prominence.

The Moments application was developed with the idea that family members they could share images and photos with each other, for example, after an important event. From now on, it will be a service specially oriented to store and synchronize all your photos in the cloud, in addition to its original mission.

If for some reason you are not up to date with the services offered by the social network and you do not know what Facebook Photo Sync is, it is a tool that, automatically upload all your photos from the camera to a private album within Facebook. Essentially, it’s no different from what many cloud save services already do.

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Interestingly, Facebook has begun to notify users that the content within Photo Sync will soon be hosted in the Moments application. All information will begin to move from January 10, so if you use Photo Sync you must have Moments installed to continue having access to your images.

Many people hate downloading extra apps that might be able to do their job in just one. One of the many reasons why someone gets upset if they are forced to download one extra is that, for example, do not have a device with a lot of memory and need to make a measured use of it.

Among the many applications that Facebook has in the Google Play Store, They shine for their utility Messenger, Groups and now, Moments. Personally, it seems to me a fairly successful step to unify two of your applications in one in this way. This simplifies what would otherwise entail having two installed.


However, I like this tactic but not for whatever reason they may think, as it differs slightly from what I have in mind. The central application of Facebook is, unfortunately, known for poor stability and poor overall performance, but mainly its negative impact on the battery life of the device.

Such is the poor quality of the main Facebook application that many times I am forced to access through the mobile browser. Despite the little use that I give to the previously mentioned, the Messenger application works great for chatting.