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Facebook launches Soundmojis, emojis with built-in sound

Sound emojis are the new invention of Facebook.

A picture is worth a thousand words. An example of this is emojis. Why express something with words when we can say the same with a simple icon? Normal that every day, millions and millions of people use them in their conversations through mobile phones.

Now emojis evolve and become Soundmojis. It is the latest function incorporated into Facebook Messenger and as you may have guessed from its name, they are nothing more than emojis with sounds.

Facebook presents Soundmojis: emojis full of sound

Soundmojis come to Facebook Messenger

As Facebook itself informs us from its official blog, the chat application of Zuckerberg's social network called Messenger, has added this “cool” function that is sure to be liked by anyone who communicates exclusively through emojis.

In short, Soundmojis are emojis with sound. From clapping, crickets, drum rolls to wicked laughter. Facebook even allows us to send audio clips of well-known artists as well as television series soundtracks such as Netflix's Bridgerton.

To use a Soundmoji, You just have to start a chat in Messenger, click on the smiley face of the emojis and select the speaker icon. From here we can preview to send our favorite Soundmojis.

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Facebook mentions that the currently available Soundmojis will not be final as they are working to add new ones. Possibly the Soundmojis will not be the best option when one is in a meeting or in class, but surely they can give a lot of play in our conversations. Of course, Facebook could also work on improving its privacy conditions but that already seems to be left for another day.

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