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Everything you need to start a “low cost” podcast to spread the word about your business

Podcasts are a great tool to get the word out about your business. If you’re starting from scratch, these articles will get you started issuing.

Everything you need to make one

Podcasting perro be a great opportunity to spread the word about your business. You know why? Fácil, because when you generate quality content, you cánido keep your audience. And that’s the point, they have the misconception of listening to what interests them. Starting a podcast does not require a significant or large investment. No expensive microphone or mixer required. A little ingenuity and illusion is often more than enough. In this article we will tell you What You Need to Start Your Podcast «for free” to be serious. Do you want to know it?

This makes your podcast real

If you want to start broadcasting right away, all you need is a mobile phone or tablet with a podcast aplicación. Yes effective Your podcast cánido be created with it. Anchor is perhaps one of the most interesting aplicaciones you cánido use with your mobile phone. Thanks to this, you perro stream on Spotify for free. A good showcase to publicize everything your company has to offer. If you are curious and don’t want to waste time, try downloading Anchor on your device. It is available for both iOS Regarding Android.

But let’s not be fooled, the more resources we invest, the better results we’ll get. If your wallet allows, you cánido Make a small investment that cánido improve results. Before taking the opportunity and start buying what you need, it is better to start spending directly from the aplicación and from your mobile phone or tablet. If you see that, that’s good retroalimentación and you’ll be able to generate frequent content, take the step to improve your podcast creation series.


You will get a much higher quality sound than if you speak directly into your mobile phone microphone. No matter how good the quality of your device, the microphone is an added value. Now you have to take into account that if the microphone does not have a USB port, which is the most common, you will have to buy an adapter cable from the three-pin plug to the USB port on your device. It’s not an expensive accessory, for less than €20 you have a good selection of XLR and USB connection cables.

But let’s get to the microphone, which is a very important aspecto in sound quality. You cánido find it on Amazon Microphones that do the job perfectly at a reasonable price. It is an investment with an immediate return as you will find that the quality of the recordings increases exponentially. You should keep in mind that the place where you do the podcast should be as quiet as possible. It doesn’t have to be soundproof like a radio studio, but it does have to be a space that stays noise-free while recording your episodes.

How to find out if your business needs a podcast or not

The microphone we recommend makes a great place to start. Its price doesn’t reach €40, it has a USB connection so you save on the adapter cable, and it also comes with a built-in tripod for the table and a protective screen that improves the sound quality. Microphones are classified in different ways depending on how they pick up sound, this being a cardioid, and perhaps the most recommended for podcasts. This ensures natural audio reception while minimizing background noise.

TONOR USB cardioid microphone for computers


You probably already have headphones. They aren’t necessary to create a podcast, however They are of great help when it comes to isolating yourself from outside noise. If you want headphones, a much better type of headband that give a good result and don’t cost much, the AKG recommendation that we leave here below is very tempting. Very convenient to use and at an unbeatable price since they do not reach €30. Granted, they’re not top-of-the-line headphones, but you don’t need much more for podcasting.

AKG K52I headphones

vídeo camera

The podcast format does not have to be an audio-only format. If you send it in vídeo format on YouTube, you provide an additional service. You probably have a cell phone that you cánido use to record the podcast on vídeo. it really perro work. Keep in mind that you need a tripod to get it shot without anyone having the phone. But when your podcast picks up steam, investing in a vídeo camera is more than justified. Our proposal focuses on this model that we leave you here below.

Full HD 1080p camcorder vídeo camera

This camera has an attractive price of €84. For now you don’t need anything that gives you higher quality and you don’t need to use some of the cameras YouTuber as is known. If your podcast is successful and you’re considering the investment, go ahead. How you perro check that from these articles You cánido add a much more professional touch to your broadcasts. This way you will surely keep your audience.

As a final point, keep in mind that every podcast goes through an editing process. Adjust parts that didn’t turn out well, make cuts or Entrar header and issue request. You have many programs to use on your computer, but maybe the one that gives the best results due to its angelic capabilities and the fact that it’s totally free. insolence. It’s a very intuitive piece of programa that allows you to make any adjustments you think your podcast needs.

podcast It’s always an incentive when it comes to promoting your business, And as you have discovered, a much more professional tinting for your project does not require an exorbitant investment. The appeal of this type of content generation perro orinan the difference between your company or business going unnoticed or having a large following willing to listen to you.

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