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Everything you can do with Companion, the perfect app to get more out of Call of Duty

One of the most important sagas in the world of video games is about to launch a new installment for Android and iOS mobile devices. Announced last March, Call of Duty: Mobile is the new mobile game from the successful Activision franchise, a title that has already started its closed beta on Android in some countries and that exceeds 10 million registered users in Google Play Store. While its release date is revealed, users can download Companion, the perfect app to get more out of Call of Duty.

Activision published a companion mobile app for Call of Duty so that fans of the shooter game saga are connected to everything related to the franchise, and about which we explain everything you need to know. Thanks to Companion, which can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store, players will be able to see their progress and analyze your performance in each fight, in addition to receiving personalized recommendations ranging from weaponry to gameplay.

In this way, every time a user plays Call of Duty: WWII, Black Ops 4 or any of the future releases of the firm, they will be able to control absolutely everything with this application, which will help users to play smarter. The application also serves to know at all times if your friends are connected and what they are playing, it even gives the option to join them, as well as compare stats and achievements.

Provide personalized recommendations to improve your playing style

Thanks to the Call of Duty Companion App, Players will also be able to receive exclusive personalized tips tailored to their play style, since they will be able to analyze their movements in detail with action maps of each game. In addition, they will also receive other types of recommendations, such as the weapons they should use or the game modes.

Another possibility of the app is to achieve that users don’t fight alone, since they can join a squad of friends to tackle weekly goals together and thus unlock exclusive rewards. Finally, players can also take advantage of their rivals with the access to new releases, update patches, game events and more features that the app itself is responsible for highlighting.

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