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Even if your mobile does not bend in half, you can always put the Samsung Galaxy Fold wallpapers on it

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is the South Korean brand’s foldable device. Considering that flexible screens are not a technology that is useful for us at the moment and that this smartphone will have an official price of almost 2,000 dollars – because of the hinges-, it is very likely that we will never have one in our hands.

Nonetheless, the folks at XDA Developers You have decided to share all the wallpapers included in the flexible Samsung phone. In this way, we can give a different touch to our conventional smartphone, getting to resemble the interesting phone of the South Korean brand … and best of all without bending it.

Download all the wallpapers of the Samsung Galaxy Fold

There are a total of fourteen wallpapers at a resolution of 2152 x 2152. In the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the lock screen shows a leaf (folded screen) while the main screen is the image of a butterfly with the same color as the leaf (unfolded screen), although honestly we can use our smartphone the image that we like the most among all those available.

Likewise, if we have a Samsung phone with the version of Android 8.0 Oreo or higher, we can also install the animated wallpapers that represent a butterfly flapping its wings.

Download the Samsung Galaxy Fold wallpapers

The Samsung Galaxy Fold will be launched at the end of April, it will have a screen that amounts to 7.3 inches and at the level of specifications, it will have inside a Snapdragon 855 processor, along with 12 GB of RAM, and a 4,380 battery mAh; all at an approximate price of $ 2,000. It will be available in Europe in only fourteen countries, Spain being one of the lucky countries to be able to reserve and purchase it.