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Edge, Microsoft’s browser, will arrive on Android before the end of the year

Choose a good browser for our smartphone it is essential to obtain a good experience in the day to day, since, in the end, it is a tool that we use a lot, either to make inquiries on the Internet, or to replace heavy applications such as Facebook through its web version.

The choice of many is clear, and it is Google Chrome. Firstly because it is an extremely fluid and optimized browser, and secondly, because it comes pre-installed on almost all smartphones, which makes things much easier. Now, it seems that Google's browser will get a new competitor with Android that has already been found in Windows, and that is, Microsoft Edge will reach Android phones before the end of the year.

Microsoft Lumia

Microsoft Edge, getting closer to Android

How can you read in FrAndroid, Microsoft would be very close to turning Edge into a cross-platform browser, since this would arrive shortly to both iOS and Android.

Microsoft Edge is a browser that the company introduced starting with Windows 10, and that, unlike Internet Explorer, it is reaping very good results, being the most efficient browser of all Windows, which is said soon.

Windows 10 Mobile Start Screen

However, if something was missing from this browser, it was a good android app, something that many Microsoft applications already have, but that Edge does not yet, because, we imagine, they were working on it.

The arrival of Edge to Android is great news, both for those users who use the browser on their Windows computer, who will be able to synchronize all their bookmarks and history, as well as for the rest of the users who are comfortable with Google Chrome or with any other browser, that soon we will have a new option to consider to use every day on the mobile. His arrival date is quite diffuse, and the only thing that is known is that it would be before the end of the year.