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Easter egg in the Google Chrome beta: a dinosaur minigame

Easter eggs – also known as easter eggs – are fun little secrets hidden by the developers of , and games for users to find them and be surprised by having fun with these amenities.

Many are the companies that at some point in their history have put one of those Easter eggs in one of their products, and one of the most fond of it is Google.

This time we will tell you all about the last one google easter egg so that you can know it and try it if it catches your attention.

Thanks to Phone Arena We have been able to discover the latest Easter egg of this company, and of course, we wanted to share it with you.

It’s about a minigame with a dinosaur as the protagonist hidden inside the browser Google Chrome in its latest beta for Android.

In this minigame, you will have to control the dinosaur by jumping the cacti that cross your path. If you don’t do it successfully, the game will be over (although of course you can always start over as many times as you want).

The less curious, don’t you think?

If you found it interesting and want to experience it for yourself, now we will tell you how to access this Google Easter egg in the shape of a pixelated jumping dinosaur.

All you have to do is disable data and Wi-fi connection – it also works to put your in airplane mode -, run the Google Chrome, try to open the from Google, and finally do about the dinosaur that will appear on the screen with that charming aesthetic of 8-bit video games – the “animal” in question seems to be a T-Rex, although there is nothing terrifying about it 😉 -.

In addition to mobile, it is also possible play google dinosaur on computer, even with an Internet connection.