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DxOMark analyzes the Redmi K20 Pro camera: above the iPhone XR and at the height of the Google Pixel 3

Xiaomi mi 9t

The people of DxOMark are back with one of their particular analyzes, and I am very afraid that this is going to create controversy. The famous consulting firm specialized in mobile photography has analyzed the Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro, also know as Redmi K20 Pro in some regions of the planet.

As many of you probably already know by now, The K20 Pro is the first high-end phone from the Redmi brand, and it is a model that since its launch in the middle of this year has become one of the best valued by critics, for all that it is capable of offering at a price that does not exceed 400 euros.

Even his photographic section has been repeatedly praised for delivering a result more than solvent taking into account the price of the device. At DxOMark, however, they have not gone further, ensuring that The Redmi K20 Pro's camera is on par with that of the Google Pixel 3, and one notch above that of the iPhone XR.

The Redmi K20 Pro gets 102 points in the DxOMark ranking

As usual, before getting into the details of the analysis, it is necessary to consider once again how DxO performs this type of analysis. Broadly speaking, the company values ​​versatility more It offers a photographic system that the final quality of the captures generated by the camera. Hence, on occasions like this we see how a phone that objectively inferior to another in terms of image qualityGet a higher score for the simple fact of having a greater number of sensors or systems that add value to the final experience.

That said, the Redmi K20 Pro has gone through the DxO test table obtaining a score of 102. Although it is far from the 121 points of the Huawei Mate 30 Pro, current leader of the ranking, what is truly striking is the fact that Redmi's flagship model has been able to surpass the Pixel 3, a model considered the main exponent in terms of photographic quality until recently.

Google Pixel 3 photo camera

DxO alleges that triple camera of the Redmi K20 Pro is able to control noise well in images taken in low light scenes, in addition to trim accurately subjects in shots taken with background blur effect. It also highlights its ability to correct distortion when using the ultra wide angle camera. On the negative side, a somewhat limited dynamic range is mentioned, and an inconsistent rendering of textures when taking zoomed shots.

All this gives the device 108 points in the photography section, which combined with the 89 points given to video recording with the phone, result in 102 points. For comparison, according to this analysis the Redmi K20 Pro offers a better result in terms of photographs than the Pixel 3 –103 points– and Apple's iPhone XR –101 points–, although it remains below both in terms of video.

Leaving aside possible interpretations, the simple fact of seeing how a mobile that can be bought for less than 400 euros has been able to stand up to two of the phones with the best camera of the past generation, It is one more proof of the great work of Xiaomi with this terminal, which months after its launch continues to surprise with its fantastic value for money.