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Duo, Google’s bet to fully enter the world of video calls

Today the news does not stop. After learning about the new Google instant messaging application with endless new features and functionalities, Allo, Google has released a new complementary, dedicated to video calls.

With this app, Google will enter fully to compete with applications such as Skype or Facetime, and we do not know if this new service, in the medium or long-term future, could replace Hangouts, as both services would offer a similar service.

google duo video calls

As we said, Duo is a complementary application to Allo, which will offer the possibility of making video calls with our contacts, in a simple way, since the interface of the it will be totally minimalist.

The most significant difference between Duo and Hangouts is that contacts will not be based on email addresses, but rather the phone numbers saved in our directory will be used, and therefore, in principle, a Google account would not be necessary to make this type of video call, since the application itself will automatically create a list with users who have the installed on your devices.

On the other hand, Duo will have the ability to automatically switch between WiFi networks and mobile networks, to always be able to use the network with higher speed and connection quality, whereby, whenever possible, these using video should offer a higher quality than the competition.

As Google has announced, this application, like Allo, It will arrive this summer, both for Android devices and for iOSTherefore, and being something that does not happen with other services such as Facetime, users of different platforms will be able to enjoy Duo to chat with all available users.