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Dropbox now allows you to use a security key to log into Google Chrome

With each passing day, safety in the world of technology is more important. While a few years ago we did not give it so much importance, now we are very aware that protecting our privacy is the highest priority, especially when one stores documents, photographs or any type of file in what is called “the cloud”.

The cloud – or cloud services – has undoubtedly been one of the inventions of this century.

We can store anything we can think of easily, economically and of course, without taking up physical space.

Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox are just some of the examples of the best servers in the cloud that we can use both for free or with more storage for a small price.

Today we will talk about a new Dropbox addition that security and privacy lovers will surely like.

As well, Dropbox already allows us to start our session with the use of a security key. For those who don’t know, these are small USB sticks that, inserted into our computer, allow us to log into different services.

They are more secure than verification by SMS or the typical password since in theory they cannot be intercepted or copied under any circumstances.

Although for now only if we log in from the Google Chrome browser.

To be able to log into Dropbox thanks to one of these security keys, we must enable two-step verification either by text message or thanks to an application, following the tutorial from Dropbox’s own page.

Once this is done, we will have to:

  • Log in on the Dropbox website.
  • Click on our name in the upper right corner of any page to open the account menu.
  • Click on Settings in the account menu and select the Security tab.
  • In Two-Step Verification, find the Security Keys section.

Dropbox security key

  • To select Add.
  • Insert the security key into a USB port.

USB Key Dropbox

In this way and from this moment on, we can log into Dropbox thanks to this useful gadget.

If you do not know where to get a security key, in Amazon there are for all types of pocket.

In my case it is also very useful to start my Google session on a computer that is not mine.