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Download these 6 great paid icon packs for Android totally free

For just a few hours, you will be able to give a change of scenery to your home screen thanks to deals on icon packs for Android. After having brought you around 40 offers adding applications and games, today it is the turn of customization, one of the distinguishing features of Android.

It doesn’t hurt to remind you, once again, that all offers have a limited duration. For this reason, we recommend you download the icons as soon as possible, and thus not miss the opportunity to get them for free and be able to use them whenever you want, since the apps will be associated with your Google account forever.

Free icon packs for a limited time on Google Play

Popo Icon Pack

POPO icon

With a most curious name, this pack offers us an original style, with very colorful icons that simulate paper. The collection hides more than 1,100 icons, and includes wallpapers that match them perfectly.

Google Play | POPO (Free – Before 0.59 euros)

S8 / Note 8 Pixel – Icon Pack

S8 Pixel Free

In this icon pack we find the perfect fusion between the icons of the latest Samsung phones, and the Material Design lines of Google. It has more than 2,000 icons, and several wallpapers in the cloud available for download.

Google Play | S8 / Note 8 Pixel (Free – Before 0.59 euros)

Luwix – Icon Pack


I have to admit that Luwix has already earned a place on the home screen of my mobile. It is an icon pack with a minimalist, colorful and original style. It is compatible with most launchers, and includes more than 1,000 different images.

Google Play | Luwix (Free – Before 0.59 euros)

Planet O – Icon Pack


Another pack that, I am afraid, will become an essential for more than one. his appearance, rounded, with dark touches and neon colors, makes it a collection of icons of the most original.

Google Play | PlanetO (Free – Before 0.59 euros)

Light X – Icon Pack


LightX follows the lines of the previous pack, with the difference that, in this case, the shape of the icons is square with rounded corners, instead of being full circles. Variety is the spice, they say.

Google Play | LightX (Free – Before 0.59 euros)

Oron – Icon Pack


And we close this collection of offers in icons with a package whose images stay true to the Material Design look. It has more than 1,150 style icons , with vivid colors and circular shape, very similar to icons of Google.

Google Play | Oron (Free – Before 0.59 euros)