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Download the new Android 12 wallpaper

Enjoy one of the Android 12 wallpapers on your mobile, without having to wait for the update.

One of the big news of the day – and of the week – arrived early, to show us the news that Android 12 could introduce once Google releases the new version of the operating system later this year.

Much of the news leaked focused on a complete renovation of the user interface, with a greater commitment to esthetic which will probably take advantage of the new theme engine built into Android 12.

And to anticipate the arrival of Android 12, in we have achieved the Wallpaper shown in the screenshots of the new version of Android in high quality, so that it is possible to use it to personalize our devices without having to wait for the update.

You can have the wallpaper of Android 12 captures on your mobile.

The wallpaper of Android 12 screenshots, on your mobile

It is worth noting that the shared images that apparently show the layout of the new version of Android, may not be final. In fact, everything indicates that it is mockups made by Google to show its partners and other smartphone manufacturers the news that the operating system will include with its next big update.

Further, it is very unlikely that what is seen in the images will be the unique and definitive appearance of the new version of the platform. Most likely, the images show the custom system with one of the new themes available through the aforementioned theme engine.

Android 12

The Android 12 home screen, with its new wallpaper and widgets.

In any case, a reverse search of the background image used by Google lets us know that the wallpaper appears to be a Variant of a photograph taken by photographer Cody Cobb, to which the sky would have been replaced by another of a color more akin to the aesthetic lines of the theme used by Google in the captures.

Thus, after obtaining the original image and making a few minor modifications, it is possible download android 12 wallpaper, opening the door to the possibility of personalizing our devices following the lines shown in the filtered screenshots.