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Download Duo now, the new Google app to make free video calls

As we told you nothing ago, Google intended to launch Duo on Google Play shortly, and indeed, it has.

After being presented at Google I / O 2016, Duo and Allo were configured as two more applications within the Android ecosystem that came to become alternatives for messaging and video calls.

While we don’t know anything about Allo, Duo is now available on Google Play, and can be downloaded for free from now.

Duo is a simple, no-frills app. Video calls, period. The interface is intuitive and easy to use, just like the application itself.

In order to register and make these video calls we will not need anything other than a phone number, as we already saw in WhatsApp or Telegram –although we can also log in with our Google account or with a Google Voice number–.

The predominant colors are blue and orange, and as soon as we open it we find two options: call any of the recent contacts or start the video call with another user.

The adjustments are not that they are excessively abundant, and they allow rather little – something that some users will appreciate -: we can limit the use of mobile data, see our phone number and unsubscribe, see the numbers that we have blocked and a very interesting one: Knock Knock function.

This function allows the user to watch for about 30 seconds –and live– to the person who is calling us.

During that period of time, we will see the other person’s face and what they are doing while calling us, all without accepting the call.

This will work without needing to be inside the application and even with the phone locked, but it is essential to install a complementary APK – which is why iOS runs out of this function.

According to Google –and we have yet to test it ourselves–, Duo is fully optimized to work seamlessly on any network.

As they point out from the Great G, the quality of the video call will be good either doing it from the WiFi or from the 2G network.

In fact, the call itself adjusts itself to work optimally, and if it detects that the speed is slow, will cut the video and leave the audio.

The important thing is that, at least, we can communicate.

Do you like what Duo offers? Well now comes the best. We can now download Duo from Google Play completely free of charge, so if you are looking for an alternative to make video calls –and you don’t want to wait for WhatsApp to launch them in 2017– you just have to visit the Google Play link that you have right here below, download it and tell us what you think.

If it does not appear in your country, in APKMirror you have the APK file To download it.

Informative note: At least it won’t let me log in with my number. Possibly the servers are saturated or have not been enabled.

It may work in a few minutes, but not yet. We will keep you informed.

Information note II: It already works in Spain.

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