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Do you have a Xiaomi Mi Band 4? 9 applications to get more out of the bracelet

Get more out of your Xiaomi Mi Band 4 with the best applications for the bracelet.

One of the most successful launches in the history of Xiaomi was the Mi band 4, a smart bracelet still in force, of which the Chinese company sold a million units in just 8 days. If you are one of those who have the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 on your wrist, pay attention, because we are going to tell you 9 apps that you can’t miss on your mobile to get the most out of it.

After revealing 10 essential tricks for your Xiaomi Mi Band 4, we move on to the world of applications so that discover all the functions that they offer you for your smartband. Here are some of the best apps for Mi Band 4 that you can download.

But if you have a Mi Band 5 or any other bracelet in the series, don’t go: many of these apps are also compatible with the rest of the models in this family of .

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is the most popular smart bracelet on the market.

Do you want a Xiaomi bracelet? These are all your options (and yes, you can afford them all)

9 applications to get the most out of your Xiaomi Mi Band 4

All the applications for the Mi Band 5 collected in this list are available on Google Play and most can free download. In addition, although most apps also work with the Xiaomi Mi Band 5, we remind you that we also selected a list of the best apps for the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 that you can consult.

Alert Bridge

The display of notifications on the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is good, but it can be even better using the Alert Bridge app.

It is available for free on the Play Store. This application for Mi Band 4 allows you change the appearance of notifications from apps like Gmail, WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram, making the bracelet show the full text of the messages you receive.

Also, you can customize the style of the messages and select the icons for the applications from which you will receive notifications. To use Alert Bridge, you will have to enable your mobile’s Bluetooth and give the app permission to access the notifications.

Mi Band 4 Watchfaces

An application that allows you to customize the screen of your Xiaomi Mi Band 4 could not be missing from this list. We are talking about Mi Band 4 Watchfaces, with thousands of designs cataloged by languages so you can find what you need with one click.

After downloading your favorite spheres, they will be saved so that you can use them at any time through Settings on the bracelet screen> My bracelet screens in the Mi Fit app.

Vibro band

This innovative app for Mi Band offers you control of the vibration of your Xiaomi Mi Band 4 to manage its intensity or duration, also being able to choose between different modes.

It is worth mentioning that you can vibrate the bracelet for simple pleasure or relaxation, not just with notifications. In addition, Vibro Band also has a dark mode so you can use the app in the dark.

Master for Mi Band

If the Xiaomi official app for the Mi Band, Mi Fit falls short for your needs, you can always use one alternative as Master for Mi Band.

This app for the bracelet allows generate graphs and statistics much more detailed of activity, heart rate, sleep analysis and more.

Besides that, it allows you to configure the notifications or the watch faces. Everything from the same free app –although it offers in-app purchases–.

My Band Maps

In case you did not know, we remember that you can use the Mi Band 4 or Mi Band 5 as if it were a GPS to receive directions from Google Maps, thus further increasing your chances.

The application that allows it is called Mi Band Maps and it is available in the Play Store for 0.99 cents, a low price if we consider that it works very well from the first moment.

After configuring the app from Mi Fit and starting a route on Google Maps, you will receive all the notifications on your smart bracelet. As the app clarifies on its Play Store page, only works with routes on foot or by car, not for public transport.

Mi Band Selfie

A useful feature included in the Mi Band 5 is the possibility of control the mobile camera to take photos remotely using the bracelet.

Although this option is not present in the Mi Band 4, there are apps that allow you to do it: like Mi Band Selfie.

With this application compatible with the Mi Band 4 , you can take photos remotely by touching the screen of the bracelet. Keep in mind, of course, that it only works with some alternative camera apps for Android such as Open Camera.


The Mi Band 4 can serve you for much more than you imagine if you use the right apps. TextToBand is an extremely useful tool, used to send text to bracelet.

In this way, you can use it to study, receive reminders, create shopping lists or simply to have information that you will need temporarily.

Google fit

Google Fit new android design

The Google Fit app for Android and Wear OS.

If you want to see the activity data registered on your Mi Band more clearly, one of the Most useful apps for Xiaomi bracelet it’s Google Fit.

Since you can synchronize your Mi Band 4 or 5 with Google Fit, the data collected by the bracelet will appear in Google Fit and they will be synchronized in the Google cloud to be able to see them from any device.

My Fit

My fit for Android

We couldn’t finish this list without talking about the Mi Fit app, absolutely essential to take advantage of the functions of your Xiaomi Mi Band 4 to the maximum.

In we already made a complete guide to explain everything you can do with Mi Fit, although we are going to take advantage of this mention to talk about some of its more unknown functions.

One of them is the one that offers you the possibility of configuring periodic alarms so that it is your bracelet that wakes you up or set reminders so you don’t miss a key date.

In addition, with Mi Fit you can activate an alert that will make your Mi Band 4 sound noticeably when you have lost sight of it.

The Xiaomi app for the Mi Band 4 It is essential if you use the bracelet, as it is necessary to associate the accessory with the mobile –although you can also use Zepp, the app for Amazfit watches compatible with the Mi Band–.