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Discover the huge variety of headphones presented by Philips at IFA 2016

Although the IFA 2016 Berlin closed its doors last week, we are still getting to know new products from brands, which have not missed the opportunity to present their bets in the different fields of technology.

One of these firms has been Philips, who, apart from presenting devices related to the , televisions, or gadgets related to lighting, has decided to launch a huge range of headphones for every taste, and that from we want to give a review to comment on the characteristics of each of these devices.

Philips Flite

First of all, we will start with the family of headphones with the most members, as it is made up of 4 gadgets, each with different characteristics and details that we will see below, and that surely cover the needs of some of the music lovers.

Everlite and Aerolite


Both headphones will have similar characteristics, where we find a headband format with a 32mm driver or driver, noise cancellation system and an anti-tangle cable that will have a microphone and remote control to be able to switch between our songs, as well as raise or lower the volume.philips_flite_aerolite_headphones_shl4605bk_image1In addition, the two devices are characterized by having a very light body, which will make these headphones a good travel companion. They can be purchased in various colors, the Everlite model being rose gold and silver, and the Aerolite model black and white. And its price goes from 30 euros for the Everlite model, up to 40 for the Aerolite.



In this case, we will find headphones of on-ear format headband, somewhat more compact than the previous ones but maintaining the 32mm driver, which promises to offer outstanding sound quality with minimal weight.

In addition, these headphones can be purchased in black and white, and there will be different versions, one of them being completely wireless, and it will use Bluetooth connectivity to connect to our or tablet and that will cost 50 euros, while the model with microphone and cable will be priced at 20 euros. ? On the other hand, there will be a more conventional version with cable, but without a microphone, for a price of only 15 euros.


philips-hyprliteOf course, the Flite family would not be complete without a few in-ear headphones, and the Hyprlites are a very good bet for this format. In this case, the driver is reduced to 12.2mm, and it promises to offer a very good bass experience.

As in the previous models, there will be two different versions, one of them with built-in microphone and remote control, while the other will not have these characteristics. Both, of course, can be purchased in rose gold and silver colors, for a price of 25 and 20 euros respectively for the models with and without a microphone.

Philips MyJam FreshTones


Philips has not forgotten about the most athletic either, and has decided to present two wireless headphones geared towards sports activities: the MyJam FreshTones, and the UpBeat Metalix Pro, which we will talk about later.

In the case of the MyJam FreshTones, we find some bluetooth headphones 4.1 They will feature a 14.2mm driver and a 32 ohm impedance level. In addition, their sensitivity will be 107 dB and they will have a frequency response of between 8 and 24,000 Hz, all in a compact body weighing only 14.7 grams that will include a microphone and a built-in remote control. They will also be powered by a rechargeable battery that promises up to 4 and a half hours of uninterrupted use.

The price of these headphones will be 49.99 euros and will arrive in two different colors: black and white.

Philips UpBeat Metalix Pro


Under the name of Philips SHB5950, the UpBeat Metalix Pro promise to offer an even better sound experience, thanks to its driver which, although it is somewhat smaller than that of the MuJam FreshTones, being in this case 8 mm, thanks to its closed format will deliver similar sound power.

In addition, these headphones will include a headband to offer a greater stability when used in sports activities, along with a flat cable that will avoid most tangles, and a higher capacity battery that promises up to 7 hours of duration.

Regarding its more technical characteristics, we are going to meet with Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity, an impedance level of 16 ohms, a maximum input power of 20 mW and a sensitivity of 107 dB that will offer a frequency range between 10 and 21,000 Hz. Its price will be 79.99 euros and can be purchased at a only color: black.

Onkyo W800BT

philips-onkyoBy the end of this article we wanted to leave the of headphones presented by Philips at the IFA 2016 held in Berlin. We have to talk about the Onkyo W800BT, wireless helmets with Bluetooth connectivity, in which we do not find no trace of cables connecting both parts of the headphones to each other, and that, as its name indicates, are developed by Onkyo, the firm Philips specialized in sound.

Each of the parties has a 8.6mm closed format neodymium driver, which will allow greater isolation against external noise, and which will offer a frequency range between 6 and 22,000 Hz, with a sensitivity of 107 dB and an impedance of 16 Ohms. As if that were not enough, these headphones have been configured by the Onkyo company itself, to offer a better experience for the user.


On the other hand, we will also find that both parts are perfectly calibrated to each other –remember that they are not connected to each other by cables–, and the right part will have a built-in microphone with which to answer calls. Inside, in addition, we will have at our disposal a battery capable of withstanding 40 hours in And till 15 hours of use, and that can be charged thanks to a rechargeable base via USB connection

In this case we find ourselves with high-end headphones, and as is evident, its price will be according to its quality, so the cost of this device is considerably increased compared to previous products, and its price will be 299.99 euros.

These are all the headphones presented by Philips at the last IFA 2016 held in Berlin, now, as always, we would love to know your opinion,

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