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Discover how to lock and hibernate any non-root Android terminal with double tap

Every day more users use the “double tap” function, which by pressing twice on the screen of your terminal you can unlock it or, on the contrary, block it no need to press the power button, in true LG Knock ON style. Even the Google Nexus 6 had this option as standard, although it was deactivated by default, of course the community created an application that allowed to activate the “double tap to wake”.

Today we bring a tutorial, since thanks to PhoneArena already a series of functions of Nova Launcher and Greenify we can do a double tap on the main screen of our terminal and in addition to blocking, we will hibernate those applications that are continuously synchronizing information and that lead to unnecessary high battery consumption. This function can be used in Apex Launcher among others, but this time we take a different example as an example.

Download the apps

From the terminal that we will proceed to configure said function, we download the applications Nova Launcher Prime Y Greenify.

Step 1

Double tap setup

Once we have the applications installed, we proceed to default Nova Launcher as our default launcher. Now it is time to open Greenify and press the upper button “+” and hibernate all those applications that we want to close by selecting one by one, then press the lower button “Zzz”.

Then we access the application drawer and go into “Nova Settings”> “Gestures and Buttons”> “Double tap”.

Step 2

We move to the upper right corner where we read “Shortcuts”> “Hibernate + Lock Screen” and select it.

Step 3

Once this option is configured, we return to the main desktop of our terminal and click twice in a row on any free point, if everything goes well, a pop-up window should appear with the “Greenify Automator” where it asks for our permission, which of course we will click on “Activate” .

Step 4


If everything works fine, the screen should turn off and the Greenify app itself will do its job hibernating those applications that we were previously selecting to force their closure and until we ourselves run them they will remain off so that again, when we double tap they will close and stop consuming those very high percentages of battery.